Australian University believes that as a leading educational institution, it has a vital role to play in addressing the social and environmental challenges. AU aims to build a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable community. Its commitment to Community Social Responsibility “CSR” extends beyond its classrooms and research laboratories.

As part of AU’s ongoing contribution to CSR objectives, both academic and non-academic departments actively participate in a range of community service initiatives. Notably, AU hosted a forum in 2022 in collaboration with The World Bank Group Kuwait, titled “Rethinking Education for a Prosperous and Sustainable Future.” This initiative stems from the global debate about the current higher education system not aligning with the practicality and dynamics of the job market. The forum aimed to explore reforms with awareness of both risks and opportunities, advocating for an educational system that promotes a sustainable future.” For more information click here.

Community Social Responsibility

Australian University (AU) undertakes a series of initiatives aimed at fostering knowledge, health, and well-being within the community. These campaigns are pivotal components of AU's broader commitment to Community Social Responsibility (CSR).

Waste Management

Green Initiatives