Life at AU

At the Australian University – Kuwait (AU), we believe that the journey of higher education is not just about classrooms and textbooks; it’s about embracing a vibrant and enriching lifestyle that shapes student’s future. ‘Life at AU’ is the passport to discovering the myriad facets of the university experience offered by AU, where academic excellence meets a thriving campus community.

Our campus is a microcosm of diversity and innovation, where students from around the globe come together to learn and create memories. AU provides many clubs and activities for students, creating a place where personal and intellectual growth can flourish.

The department of Student Life aims at granting opportunities for AU students to develop extra-curricular interests and talents through three pillars: Clubs, Sport Teams, and Events. This commitment is met by providing a range of activities outside the classroom, so that students can enrich their whole personalities by creating a strong community through participation in a variety of educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs and activities.


Both male and female students are equally invited, on a segregated basis, to join any sport team. The following team events are held on a regular basis:


Student Clubs are the forums where students get to show and develop their talents, leadership skills, and creativity in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. The Student Life Department supervises and supports any club that get established according to the policies of the Department. Below are examples of clubs that are constantly established and joined by students throughout the years:

International Travel Club
Student Worker Club
Tutoring Club


The Student Life Department believes that the learning journey is not complete until life lasting memories are secured. Student Life Department regularly hold a variety of events to provide an engaging and holistic campus environment for students. Such events include:

AU Carnival
Cultural Week
Live drawing sessions
Sport Tournaments
AU Olympics
Debate Competitions
Movie Nights
Student Trips
AU Samra
Music Shows
Food Festivals

The goal of Student Affairs Department is to create a supporting environment where students can maximize their development during their time at AU. We bring all concerned parties together in a coordinated and fair manner ensuring comfort, cooperation and corrective measures to ensure a better environment for all. We aim to take a proactive approach to bridge the gap between different AU departments and our students to further facilitate the progress of students in coordination with AU policies. Our guidance and mechanisms are targeted at contributing to our students’ future and self-development.

Student Orientations

Student orientation sessions are held prior to the commencement of each semester for new students. It is essential that new students attend these sessions during which information is provided regarding AU’s academic and non-academic regulations and policies. Newly joined students are required to register for the Student Orientation Session through the Student Affairs Office after receiving the Offer Letter from the Admissions Unit.

Students / Parents Concerns

Students are welcome to contact Student Affairs or pass by the office to express their concerns. Also, parents who wish to discuss student progress is welcome to meet with the Student Affairs staff at any time during working hours.

Tutoring Center

Student Affairs established a Tutoring Center. The Center offers tutoring services providing academic support to students struggling with their courses. The tutoring services are free of charge. Students interested in tutoring may contact Students Affairs for session arrangements.

Non-Academic Policies

Student Affairs aim at creating a warm atmosphere for students, at the same time we strongly believe that the success of any institution lies in the degree of application of clear and firm policies and procedures. Student Affairs ensure to take all necessary actions in implementing AU’s policies and procedures, to maintain a safe and caring environment for our students.

Mental health plays an important role in students’ motivation, achievement, and success. in the recent time students face many stressors academically, socially, and emotionally by maintaining wellbeing mental health the chances for success and graduation are high. The Student Counseling role is to assist students with emotional and social stresses to learn healthier ways of coping and dealing with stress, psychological and emotional difficulties to move ahead toward academic achievement and success by providing counseling and psychotherapy to students in need and spreading the importance of mental health wellbeing. 


Our mission is to provide confidential counseling and psychotherapy to students with emotional difficulties and psychological assist them to overcome their emotional difficulties and psychological disorders to gain a stronger mental health and be able to focus on their study, succeed and graduate. 

The unit also provide confidential counseling and psychotherapy for staff to assist them to overcome their emotional and psychological disorders. Our services are two types: 

  • Preventive by providing presentations and short messages through social media about psychological disorders to educate AU community about the psychological disorders and give them access to contact us directly through phone or email. 
  • Curative and developmental by providing confidential counseling sessions for students and staff. mental health wellbeing for students and staff is our goal and mission. 

Our strategy is to be close to students and be familiar with them, so we always interact with students in the events where most students gather. Being around them makes it easier for them to contact us whenever they need any assistance.

The Centre for Learning Differences believes in the fundamental principle that all students have the right to an equal opportunity to education. The Centre for Learning Differences is committed to the ongoing support and development of students, ensuring a culture that promotes inclusivity and access to appropriate support. The Centre for Learning Differences focuses on students who have a recognized disability and ensures the facilitation of provisions covered by the Rights of People with Disabilities State of Kuwait (Law Number 8 in 2010). Therefore, students are entitled to reasonable academic adjustments to help them overcome any difficulties caused by their condition.


The Centre for Learning Differences is committed to ensuring students with disabilities receive appropriate academic support by improving their educational experience through collaborations with faculty and staff while encouraging student self-advocacy.


The Centre for Learning Differences (CLD) objectives include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide academic support for students with learning differences (LD), sensory or mobility disorders and chronic medical conditions
  • Work proactively with academic schools to identify individual pathways, with documented support strategies, so that all students have the opportunity to learn in a manner that suits their abilities
  • Improve services for students registered with the CLD
  • Strengthen communication and cooperation between CLD and academic schools
  • Point of contact between the different departments to communicate the students’ needs and concerns regarding their disabilities. This coordinated approach assures consistency and fair treatment to all students registered with the Centre for Learning Differences
  • Conducts individual and small group intervention and remediation sessions for students with disabilities including organizational skills, study skills and time management skills
  • Spread awareness of the issues and challenges faced by students registered with CLD
  • Provide an appropriate and comfortable space for students registered with CLD to take their assessments and study with minimal distractions
  • Assist students that require specialized exam support such as but not limited to: exam reader or scribe

The Australian University – Kuwait (AU) exceptional campus, thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of our students. Our commitment to inclusivity shines through offering facilities suitable for individuals with learning differences, ensuring that every member of our community enjoys equitable access to a high-quality education. Below are some examples of the facilities AU offers to support individuals with differences: 

  • AU allocate number of parking slots to accommodate the visitors, staff, and students.
  • Buildings are equipped with wheelchair ramps and elevators for those with mobility challenges.
  • Specialized desks and workstations for students with disabilities
  • AU campus has a special Lab for Learning differences students.
  • Each of our building includes restrooms with clear designations for people with differences.
  • Dedicated Computer lab for Learning differences students, these devices are loaded with special operating system. It offers several accessibility features and assistive technologies for users who are visually impaired.

Our wide campus hosts multi-purpose pitches for sports enthusiasts, including volleyball, tennis, and basketball. As for football, we have a dedicated pitch where pursuers can showcase their skills and passion for the game. Whether the student is a seasoned athlete or just looking to stay active, these facilities provide the perfect setting to pursue their athletic ambitions.

AU’s campus isn’t just about sports; it’s a hub of creativity and culture. AU houses a magnificent theater and auditorium, offering a platform for students to express themselves and for the community to come together and enjoy performances, lectures, and cultural events.