Alumni and Career Placement Center

Graduation is a milestone that marks the successful end of students’ academic journey, but it does not mark the end of the relationship between the University and its alumni.

The Alumni and Career Placement Center maintains strong relationships with our ever-growing community of vibrant, thriving, and highly engaged alumni. It also provides a multitude of services that aids them in finding rewarding careers.

Giving our alumni a new place to call home!

Although we have been serving our alumni since 2012, the center was officially established in December 2015, offering AU alumni an array of services that range from alumni relations to career guidance and placement. The center supports, engages, and maintains strong relationships with over 9,000 alumni, as well as enhances the professional and personal development of our graduates. The center never ceases to provide ongoing support and networking opportunities to former and current students through providing services that both could get mutually benefit from.

The mission of the Alumni and Career Placement Center is to promote bonding relationships with AU and alumni for learning, giving and mutually supporting relationships.

As part of providing support to Alumni Entrepreneurs and Business owners, AU alumni allows to promote their businesses and sell their products and/or services on campus free of charge.

Book a booth to promote your business, products, and services on Campus, free of charge, by sending an email to

The Alumni Card is easy to obtain, free of charge, and will enable you to access the privileges and benefits that being part of the alumni community gives you. It will serve as an identification card when you are on campus.

How to Apply?

If you would like to apply for the Alumni Card, send an email to, including your picture, student ID number, and mobile number.

Kindly ensure that your photo complies with the alumni card photo requirements.

The center offers the following myriad of services to our alumni:

Alumni Relations


Career Services

  • Supporting Alumni business owners
  • Engagements with our Alumni
  • Networking and gathering events
  • Alumni cards
  • AU flag around the world campaign
  • Alumni CSR program
  • Social media support
  • Career Fair
  • Career days
  • Career development workshops
  • Career guidance
  • Resume building
  • Interview tips