About AU

The Australian University (AU) was established in 2004 under the name of “Australian College of Kuwait” as one of the first private universities operated in the State of Kuwait. AU offers world-class higher education on home ground through international learning partnerships. Offering diploma and bachelor academic programs in different disciplines such as Engineering, Business, Aviation, and Maritime studies.

The principle of AU is demonstrated through its Vision and Mission and is best seized by its intent “To be among Kuwait’s leading higher education institutions recognized for its leadership, academic excellence, student-centered approach, and innovative research”. Such objective is underpinned by AU five Core Values of PRIDE: Progressive; Resilience & Adaptability; Integrity; Dedication; and Excellence.

AU is a student-centered University that enables students to achieve their academic pursuits, in addition to lead full and rich lives. AU implements experiential models as the Project Based Learning (PBL) and Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate (CDIO) as they are proven modern methods of learning to help students learn how to intelligently make good decisions, adapt, innovate, and develop workplace skills. Also, internships within local places of employment, and even internationally, provides the opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience in their desired careers.

At AU, we believe that our diversity, excellent learning and research, and commitment to collaborations allow to create positive change and build a more innovative and sustainable realm. The various pages in this website provide a summary of our study programs and University life. For further information reach us on the contact details available and we welcome the opportunity to arrange a campus tour for interested students and their families.

Kuwait is well positioned to grow as a regional leader in commerce and industry; however, in the process we must preserve our core culture and heritage. Accordingly, as our name suggests, the Australian University aims to bring quality international experiential education models and apply these within the context of our beloved homeland. Together, we must build on the past for a brighter future by availing the best education to our community.

AU is more than a place of academic learning. It is a vibrant community of over 3000 students and 400 staff who each have their own ambitions and drives to promote AU to become one of the leading higher education institutions not only in Kuwait but the Gulf States and the region. Our target is to guide and support students as they lay the foundations to convert their dreams into achievable goals. Accordingly, our primary core value is to “enable human potential within a culture of care.”

In addition to its role in teaching, learning and training, AU is building and developing a research environment in cooperation with national and international partners. Its output in this regard is reflected in the scientific publications of its academic faculty members.

I welcome you to our website as we commence our 2018/2019 academic year and take this opportunity to proudly acknowledge the dedication of our AU community. They are all committed, each in their own specialized roles, to make the learning and life journey at AU a fruitful and fulfilling experience for our students.

Thank you for visiting the AU website. Our Board of Trustees members are all committed to provide the right environment for students to develop to their full potential not only regarding their future career but as engaged members of our community.

Mr. Abdullah A. O. Al-Sharhan

Our motto of enabling “Human Potential within a Culture of Care” represents the ideals we espouse at AU. Our mission is to support the development of our society through research and education of the highest standards in the fields of Engineering, Business, Aviation, and Maritime Studies.

We are working on several fronts to expand our offerings using digital technology and transformative pedagogies. Our active student-centered approach will impact all of AU students as we continue to improve and personalize our curricula. The collaboration of the AU community with our partnerships creates an inclusive space for progressive thinking to flourish.

We aim to share our expertise with the greater community, collaborate across disciplines, and build the next generation of human capital needed for the development of our country’s infrastructure and economy.

At AU, we teach our students to think critically, ask questions, and be receptive to new ideas: these are the skills that will prepare them for tomorrow’s jobs.

Dr. Sa’ad Al Omari

The Australian University (AU) is a well-established, modern and innovative University, indeed, we are a driving force for positive change. As a University, we educate, research, create, and impart knowledge. “Excellence in Making a Difference” is our strategic objective and continuing the legacy of AU to build an academic institution that will enable the human potential within a culture of care. AU is a dedicated higher educational institution operating since 2004 in the State of Kuwait, which centers on generating pioneering concepts and practical solutions that profit a significant lifelong learning mission.

At AU we offer a selection of degrees, programs, and opportunities to support students learning journey. In specializations within Engineering, Business, Aviation and Maritime studies, classified under: Bachelor’s Degrees (0-4) and (0-2) Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree (2+2). Our Bachelor and Diploma degrees prepare students for important and in market demand jobs. Through the skills they acquire as part of their studies, students learn solidly ways of thinking that are critical in their career and intelligent growth.

Our teaching and learning are built on the highest academic standards. AU places great importance on offering qualifications that have both industry and professional recognition. All of AU’s academic programs are progressive and accredited nationally and internationally.

Sustaining a diverse community of qualified educators is sine qua non at AU. In addition to their teaching roles, our faculty members are active contributors to the increasing of knowledge through research projects with international partners and local industry/commercial/research bodies. Moreover, AU students are given the chance to take part in such research and even to pursue their own with mentoring support.

Our key focus is to create opportunities and inspire students to achieve their goals. Accordingly, the implementation of the five learning pillars that is: Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to live together, Learning to be, Learning to transform oneself and society, are all available at the University for every student to endorse the life/career philosophy with a healthy balance between work, personal and community goals, priorities and activities. The Australian University offers more than just a great learning experience. It broadens horizons and challenges assumptions in ways that help students make their way in the world with accountability and confidence, and in turn make that world a better place.

I encourage you to take the time and learn about all the information available on the website and to visit our campus to discover more about the opportunities offered to you at the Australian University.

Prof. Isam Zabalawi

Strategic Plan Summary 2021-2025