AU Sheds Light on the Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns

AU Sheds Light on the Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns

In line with its commitment to corporate social responsibility, and as an act of solidarity with those affected by breast cancer, the Australian University (AU) launched its annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

October is internationally observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month and the best time to learn more about this fatal disease. The purpose of this month is to highlight on how knowledge brings power, and it promotes spreading awareness among people about early detection, which eventually plays a key role in the advanced treatment of breast cancer.

AU campaign consisted of on-campus activities organized by the Public Relations and Marketing Department in collaboration with various entities and participants aiming to educate AU community about the practice of early detection techniques and ways to possibly prevent breast cancer. The kicking-off was with a reputable medical center to encourage staff and students for regular breast self-examinations and screening for early detection of breast cancer at an early stage.

The Campaign followed by online awareness efforts through spreading awareness messages through the University’s social media platforms, along with engaging and interactive activities held around campus aiming to raise further awareness such as the distribution of pink ribbons, wear pink day and much more.

On this occasion, Senior Manager of Public Relations and Marketing at AU, Mrs. May Al Musallam commented: “Our very first goal is to raise awareness on health-related issues as well as in other fields that has influence on our society as part of our social responsibility. I genuinely hope our campaigns are influencing AU community and we will do all necessary to extend our voice off campus for the wellbeing of all members in the Kuwaiti Society.”