At AU, a person is considered a registered student upon full completion of the enrolment process including online registration in courses during the advertised period. It is a student’s responsibility to complete the registration process by the advertised deadline.

An Academic Plan is designed to help students and academic advisors in determining which degree requirements have been met, and the requirements that still need to be completed.

It is designed to ensure students register in the correct units required in order to graduate.

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Students at the Australian University are required to register and maintain a full academic load as long as they are in good academic standing.

To know more about Student’s Academic Load, make sure to read AU Student Academic Load Policy.

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  • Students applying for any type of withdrawal must continue to attend their classes until they are notified of their withdrawal outcome. Failure to do so will result in the student receiving an FA grade on their transcript. FA grades are not reversible.
  • Sponsored students are responsible to ensure they regularly keep themselves informed of and updated with the withdrawal rules and regulations of their external funding bodies and adhere to them.

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  • Continuing students at AU may apply to take a leave of absence up to two semesters without having to reapply for admission.
  • New students who are due to start their first semester of study in the University are NOT eligible for a leave of absence.

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Throughout their study, students may find that their interests or abilities attract them to a different program than they had identified at the time of their application. Such students may seek to change their program subject to the terms of AU Change of Program (Major) Policy.

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An academic hold is an action used by the University to prevent students from registering for classes, receiving grades, and releasing student records, including Testamurs and Academic Transcripts.

An academic hold shall remain in effect until a student’s financial obligations to the University are cleared.

A student may be placed on Academic Hold (Stop List) if s/he:

  1. Fails to meet their financial obligations to the University on time as required by AU fee payment schedules.
  2. Has outstanding debts from previous semesters.

A student put on Academic Hold cannot:

  1. Receive any official document/application from the Admissions and Registration.
  2. Receive official grades or transcripts for their studies.
  3. Register in any further units.
  4. Graduate.

For more information about Students’ Grades and AU Grading Scale, make sure to read AU Grading Policy.

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