AU conducts game-based learning project

AU conducts game-based learning project

The Australian University (AU) is conducting a study evaluating the impact of game-based learning on university students’ skills development in digital marketing across multiple countries. The project is headed by Dr. Vladimir Simovic, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Event Management at AU, and is funded by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).

The study will be the first of its kind in academic literature as the research will simultaneously be conducted in AU along with universities in Australia, Turkey and Serbia. It will gauge the effectiveness of game-based learning for learning digital marketing using the simulation game “Simbound.” The study will compare results from students using game-based learning and traditional learning and investigate the cross-cultural results of game-based learning.

This project will utilize this experimental approach to provide the first empirical evidence for Kuwait of the impact of game-based learning on students’ academic performance, digital skills development, and motivation in digital marketing.

Commenting on the international scope of the study, Dr. Simovic noted that by conducting the benchmark analysis with other countries, the research community and policy makers in Kuwait will have the chance to better understand country-specific factors underlying game-based learning.

Dr. Simovic further elaborated on the expected positives of the research on teaching and learning, stating: “Motivating students to use technology that is close to them, and they are familiar with in the learning process should lead to better achievements for students, better motivation and an increase in their competency in digital marketing.”