College of Engineering Industrial Advisory Board

  • Provide networking support with industry in the community allowing the College to develop strong industry partnerships.
  • Provide input and recommendations to the College from an industry perspective as well as supporting the College’s strategic directions in terms of academic programs and partnerships.
  • Review the program educational objectives to ensure that they meet the industrial needs.
  • Evaluate strengths, merits, and weaknesses of the current curriculum in the context of the College of Engineering mission and program educational objectives.
  • Provide recommendations to the College of Engineering on all matters related to the curriculum to improve the relationship between academic and professional practices.
  • Review student performances relative to the program outcomes from an industrial point of view and propose strategies for continuous improvement of the program.
  • Help in identifying opportunities for student’s involvement in research and capstone projects.
  • Review the College of Engineering activities and plans related to research, consultancy, and short courses and make recommendations.
  • Help in identifying opportunities for faculty research and development.
  • Facilitate sponsorship of academic and student activities.
  • Provide assistance to support and enhance engineering student internships and help in placing students through the working experience program.
  • Enhance the visibility of the College of Engineering in the engineering community.
Academic Year 2019/2020
Academic Year 2018/2019


Internal Members

External Members