Facilities & Projects Division

Facilities & Projects Division is considered as the back bone of AU simply because the responsibility of keeping and/ or maintaining all buildings and related services efficiently and professionally operational to provide pleasant and friendly environment to its customers/ users.

However; Facilities & Projects Division, in addition to maintenance services, plays a major role to incorporate all necessary requirements in the design of new buildings as well as projects related to the upgrading, renovation and refurbishment necessary for all existing buildings, facilities and utilities in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Local Authorities, supervises and manages construction works and handing over completed projects.

Since the establishment of the Facilities & Projects Division back in 2006, it has handled the execution, monitoring and/ or supervising of minor projects/ works and Capital Projects such as but not limited to the following:

  • Maintaining all buildings on Campus and making sure everything is working efficiently through regular Routine Preventative Maintenance Scheme.
  • Enhancing Space Program to minimize utilization of available space.
  • Construction of new offices and classrooms.
  • Interior Design works.
  • Design and administrate minor projects.
  • Participate in depth with Upper Management to finalize designs and operational requirements.
  • Acts as a Client Representative during the Construction of Buildings (Capital Projects).


Facilities & Projects Division operates under the Support Services. It provides all facility services to Campus Customers adopting measures and approvals in a professional manner that exemplifies positive customer services and stewardship.

Facilities & Projects Division is responsible for the maintenance, renovation, construction, and planning of the existing and new buildings and grounds. The Division has broad responsibilities of all aspects of physical plant operations, including utilities, energy, custodial services, fire, Security, and Health and Safety (Coordinated with Health, Safety & Security Division). The staff oversee and manage 76,775 square meter campus and nearly 21,485.408 square meter of building area.

Facilities & Projects Division execute minor to medium size projects in addition to Capital Projects through which AU’s strategy is implemented, acknowledged and achieved. Furthermore, such projects are planned to foresee and/ or arrive at a desirable expansion and meet all related requirements.