Our Graduation team makes sure that we obtain all the needed documents to sign off the students’ completed qualifications and arrange for the required documents to be officially endorsed so that the student can receive his/her AU testamur. Graduation is the most special experience for any student and we look forward one day to stamping “Graduated” on your AU file.


Preparing for your Graduation

Students who are eligible to graduate must submit a Graduation Application online attaching all required documents by the advertised deadline. Students who miss the deadline need to submit their application to graduate during the graduation application period for the next semester.

Submission of a Graduation Application for a graduating Diploma student is a pre-requisite for applying to a Bachelor program in AU.

Documents required to apply for graduation are:

Valid Civil ID copy

Valid passport copy

Valid residency copy (for Non Kuwaitis)

High School copy and its required documents (for Diploma students)

PUC Equivalency of the diploma certificate (for Bachelor students)

Application to Defer Graduation

Students can apply to defer their graduation in order to repeat courses and improve their GPA in accordance with the terms of the Grading Policy. Students wanting to defer their graduation must submit a Deferral of Graduation Form attaching all required documents by the advertised deadline. It is the students’ responsibility to inform themselves of the academic and financial implications of deferring their graduation. Students should always contact their Academic Advisors before initiating a request to discuss the implications of their decision.

Students who fail any unit will not be requested to submit an application to defer graduation as the graduation unit will not process their graduation.

Release of Graduation Documents

Once your graduation certificates are confirmed by the authorized body, our Graduation team will be notify you through e-mail. To receive your documents, you are requested to print an online Graduation Release Form, obtain the necessary signatures and submit the completed form to the Registration counter.

Graduation Pack – what’s included?

Your graduation pack is what you receive once your graduation is confirmed. It contains the following:

AU Certificate

AU Transcript

A “To Whom it May Concern” letter

PUC Equivalency letter (Original & Certified copy)

Auspice Partner certificate (if applicable)

Original High School Certificates (if available)