Maritime Department

The Maritime Department at AU offers a comprehensive range of programs and services to the maritime sector that are tailored to suit both statutory and industry needs.

These programs focus on quantifiable learning objectives and are competency-based. They are taught by knowledgeable, experienced, and professional instructors who employ a variety of current teaching techniques.

Our goal is to assist the maritime sectors in ensuring that their employees have the information, skills, and attitudes necessary to operate safely and efficiently in a challenging environment.

Approvals and Partnerships

AU Maritime Department courses have been developed both internally and in collaboration with established maritime education and training institutions and have been approved by recognized authorities where required.

  • Asian Institute for Commercial Training
  • City of Glasgow College
  • Wartsila Voyage
  • Glasgow Maritime Academy
  • Lloyds Register Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015
  • United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)
  • Kuwait Ministry of Communication

International and Local Client Relationships

AU Maritime Department clients include oil majors, major shipping companies, port authorities, pilotage organizations and government and defense organizations.

Our courses have international recognition but at the same time are tailored to local requirements.

Major corporate clients that have chosen AU include:

  • KPC (Kuwait Petroleum Company)
  • KOC (Kuwait Oil Company)
  • KOTC (Kuwait Oil Tanker Company)
  • Ministry of Interior- Kuwait Coastguard
  • Kuwait Naval Force
  • Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA)
  • Kuwait Environmental Public Authority (KEPA)
  • Nakilat (Qatar)


  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (STCW) (MCA approved)
  • Human Element Leadership and Management (Operational) (STCW)
  • Human Element Leadership and Management (Management) (STCW)
  • Maritime Resource Management
  • Shiphandling
  • Ship to Ship (STS) Transfer Simulator
  • ASD Tug Handling Simulator
  • Marine Pilot Training
  • Costal Navigation (NOKITHA A)(available in Arabic & English and is required by the MOC for the Nokhitha A license)
  • Search and Rescue Simulator
  • GMDSS General Operator  
  • GMDSS Restricted Operator  
  • Basic Training in Oil, Chemical and Liquefied Gas Tanker Operations (STCW)
  • Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations (STCW)
  • Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations (STCW)
  • Advanced Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations (STCW)
    Tanker Vetting
  • Oil Spill Combating for First Responders (IMO-1)
  • Oil Spill Combating Operations for (Supervision IMO-2 and Management IMO-3)
  • Shipboard Safety Officer
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (STCW)
  • Elementary First Aid (STCW)
  • Medical First Aid (STCW)
  • Proficiency in Medical Care on Board Ships (STCW)
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW) (MOC)
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (STCW) (MOC)
  • Ship Security Officer (STCW) (MOC)
  • Company Security Officer (MOC)
  • Port Facility Security Officer (MOC)
  • ISM Lead Auditor
  • Training Course for Instructors (IMO Model Course 6.09)
  • Customised courses are available on request