AU Industrial Advisory Board

  • Provide networking support with business leaders in the community allowing the college to develop strong industry partnerships and engagement with key industry decision makers.
  • Provide trends and scenarios for the medium term development of industry sectors needs with respect to:
    1. Professional abilities or competencies.
    2. Market forces.
    3. Structural changes that affect human capital.
  • The depiction of the trends of the industry needs are achieved for the above attributes and sectors through the development, and subsequent regular revision, of graduate attributes and Program-specific knowledge and skills (Program Educational Objectives), that fulfills industry requirements.
  • Provide a platform that can support and enhance AU student internship and mentoring programs, by facilitating access to industry members’ organizations.
  • Facilitate sponsorship of academic and student activities
  • Provide a platform for industry contribution to the development and review of AU strategic vision, growth and development, and conducting research.
  • Facilitate scholarships and funding applied research activities relevant to AU mission and national strategy.
  • Provide advice on general activities to support the realization of the College mission and strategic plan.
Academic Year 2020/2021
Academic Year 2019/2020
Academic Year 2018/2019
Academic Year 2017/2018


Internal Members

External Members