Purchasing department aims to provide AU with the highest quality standards for requested purchases promptly and in accordance to best practices.

Purchasing department procures goods and services designed to meet operational needs while providing the highest possible value in accordance to purchasing policies and procedures


To provide robust support to all AU departments by purchasing the appropriate goods and services needed at the best-quality,

delivery-time, at the most competitive total-cost using AU available technology in coordination with AU departments and our suppliers.


Our responsibility to the AU and our vendors is to promote quality and timely services and to simplify the purchasing process whenever possible.

In line with AU’s continual improvement policy, Purchasing Department has implemented a procedure of registering our valued suppliers into our existing purchasing system.

In order to fulfill the requirements, kindly provide us with the below listed documents to enable us to place orders with your organization.

You are kindly requested to complete the submission by sending the below required documents to pur@au.edu.kw

  1. Duly filled, SIGNED & STAMPED AU Supplier registration form
  2. Electronic Company Profile for Products / Services offered.
  3. Copy of company’s Commercial License with the governing Chamber of Commerce.
  4. A letter from the company addressed to AU with completed bank account details along with IBAN number, and clarify the beneficiary name in case of cheque payments.