Human Resources

Australian University (AU) employees are our most valuable asset and mainstay of our organizational sustainability. We are committed to creating a vibrant and efficient work environment that supports diversity and inclusiveness.

We aim to create a virtuous circle in which all employees have a shared vision and synergy, contributing to the university objectives showcased in their work to create a successful track record, and this sense of accomplishment and growth further encourages them to take on the challenge of playing a leading role in realizing this vision.

We work to facilitate a vibrant workplace for employees to thrive on a variety of challenges, achieving an energetic corporate culture which makes employees want to stretch and push themselves.

We strive to build and foster a lively, exciting and healthy working culture based on mutual respect for diverse opinions and good communications and teamwork.

Upon joining AU, an employee can expect career nourishing experience where career paths are defined, employee recognition is utmost and professional development opportunities are defined and executed. For all of these reasons and more, AU is recognized and accredited by the Investors In People organization, which is a mark in high performance in organizational people management.


Vision & Mission

Mission The Human Resources department strives to become a pro-active business partner for all AU departments & provide the best working environment for AU employees.

Linking HR Strategic Initiatives to AU Strategy Our HR strategic initiatives are aligned to the AU Strategic Plan Pillar 4. Inclusion, Well-being and Engagement and to Goal 4.1 Unlock Human Potential with the following objectives.

  • Objective 1:

    Maintain and recruit highly qualified faculty and staff with strong teaching and research capabilities according to international standards.

  • Objective 2:

    Expand activities for share management and personal growth and broader engagement.

  • Objective 3:

    Develop talent strategies for all stages of employee progression.

Main Functional Areas

Employee Relations
  • Build a corporate culture expressed in mission and value statements and reinforced by communications, professional development and performance management processes.
  • Optimize organization structure that is congruent with strategy and leverages our human capital potential to realize defined goals and objectives.
  • Workforce planning to assess future business needs and deciding on the numbers and caliber required.
  • Attract top caliber with multi-dimensional skills and experiences that suit the present and future organizational strategies.
Government Relations
  • Issuance and renewal of work permits and residency visas for all current employees.
  • Facilitate work permit transfer and residency visas or cancellation when employees leave the organization.
  • Ensure Kuwaitization percentage requirement is fulfilled.

The overall goal of the Human Resources department is to support the top management to manage and engage with the employees, to keep the employee costs in check and facilitate the University to be competitive in a challenging and unpredictable market. The Human Resources department objectives and initiatives have been directly linked to the AU strategic plan

Moreover, the Human Resources department strives to continuously supports the top management and the employees and provide a positive working environment.