Mathematics and Physics Program

It is an important venture, for the Mathematics and Physics Department to undertake the enhancement of Engineering and Business practice through Applied Mathematics and Physics. Since Mathematics is a fundamental tool in Engineering and Business, Engineering study hinges on a strong understanding of various physical phenomena.

The department employed a plethora of strategies to achieve this goal.

The first is through example and problem-based learning, which are crucial to both the Colleges of Engineering and Business, due to the very applicable nature of the two disciplines. Secondly, an interfaculty collaboration between the Department of Mathematics and their colleagues in the Colleges of Engineering and Business proved instrumental in instilling proper Engineering and Business practices and needs into the students through the various Mathematics and Physics units offered at the College. This interfaculty led to addressing the actual need of the students, which requires further consideration and/or focus.

The Department has recognized that students tend to accumulate information at differing rates, efficiencies and in various methods. As such, the Department has implemented a 1 to 1 tutoring program that allows struggling students to better understand the material. This will allow students in the program to study in a more unorthodox way, however, it will be more effective and efficient in helping the student to grasp their courses.